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I am so tired of this pandemic

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Photo by Nsey Benajah on Unsplash

You know what really grinds my gears?

A lot of uneducated people pretending to be super rocket geniuses, not listening to expert guidance, and prolonging a damn epic pandemic.

Thanks to them, I’m still stuck in a tiny house with a wife who’s virtual teaching, an eight-year-old who’s virtual learning, and a three-year-old who absolutely refuses to shit on the potty.

Not to mention my geriatric chihuahua who basically leaves a trail of shit and piss behind her everywhere she goes and the other chihuahua who wouldn’t stop barking if you tore out his bark box.

Achieving a flow state? Impossible. The deep work department just went out of business. …

The scoop on what makes a hit

Image from the Cereal Killaz Indiegogo campaign
Image from the Cereal Killaz Indiegogo campaign
Image from the Cereal Killaz Indiegogo campaign.

A new concept for an indie fighting game called Cereal Killaz has fully secured funding for its demo from a private investor right in the middle of its Indiegogo campaign.

The campaign just announced it would refund over $20,000 in pledges to its breakfast loving backers and still produce a full demo of the game.

So far, the buzz of the concept alone has driven the Cereal Killaz campaign to a sugary sweet success. But why? What makes this idea so crispy and crunchy while other ideas are so sad and soggy? …

In the name of artists rights?!

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Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

Tommy Tallarico just walked up to millions of children, broke off a piece of their favorite toy, and left clasping it in his money-grubbing hands, grumbling “my toy!” over and over again.

Apparently, the self-proclaimed superstar can’t be bothered to make even the tiniest sacrifice in the name of art.

Ever since 2006, for 14 whole years, Roblox has used a short sound clip, that’s essentially just someone saying ‘OOF’, as the default death sound for the player's character.

During that time Roblox has become one of the largest gaming platforms in the world and the ‘OOF’ sound has become not only part of its primal brand but a part of youth culture as a whole. At this point in space and time, it’s a symbol fully associated with Roblox. …

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Photo by Amauri Mejía on Unsplash

“Bro, do you understand what Patreon is yet?” I texted before I could change my mind.

“You give people money for their content or whatever.”

“Yeah lol nvm. For a brief second, I was thinking about making one again.”

“Why not make one?”

“Duck. I don’t know. If I made one would you become a patron?”

One hour passes.


Managing a Patreon account is hard.

I’m a patron of a small number of Patreon accounts. A while back I canceled all of my pledges because I was having financial difficulties.

Recently, after recovering financially, I realized I forgot to pledge my support to one of those creators again, so I went looking for their account. I couldn’t find it. When I reached out to the creator they said “I axed that back in January,” which was a full ten months ago. …

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Photo by Tetiana SHYSHKINA on Unsplash

“Go ahead, take a book. That’s what they’re there for,” says the HR Manager.

“Really?!” I blurt out.

“Yep! You can even keep it if you want to,” they say, smiling like they’d just given me the most expensive birthday present ever.

Honestly, I was only looking for a way to kill time. I had no idea the library at my 9 to 5 would make me a better artist, completely changing my life.

The year was 2014 and I was leaving a toxic work environment for a job with higher prospects. It seemed like everything my new gig did was magical compared to my old one. To top it off I was going to have less responsibility, but somehow still make the same amount of money I used to. …

From the bureau of petty grievances.

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Photo by Teymur Mirzazade on Unsplash

Hey Ev, it’s time to get rid of the claps, man.

Ryan Fan recently broke down how 85% of the people who clapped for his viral story about Subway’s Jared only gave it 1 clap. He went on to talk about how nobody but the writers of Medium understand the clap system. He’s right and he came to the table with nothing but the big facts.

All of the people who matter to a writer, the actual fans, don’t understand the first thing about the clap system. Do you know why? …

The longer the break, the harder the return.

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Image by Nate Miller

If you’re a fellow creative you know the feeling: the longer you go without practicing your craft the harder it is to come back to it.

As your time away from your work increases, you start to feel the pressure rising and believe you need to show up in the rarest most perfect form to make up for all the time you’ve missed. …

Even smart people say dumb things.

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Image by Nate Miller

On Twitter, Naval was asked to clarify his position on lockdowns after he implied that they should end, to which he responded “At this point, lockdowns are performance art.”

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This opinion is dumb and irrationally upsets me for not only one, but for two, huge reasons.

1. Naval implies lockdowns aren’t effective

Comparing lockdowns to performance art after subtly calling for lockdowns to be lifted in a previous tweet seems to say lockdowns are nothing more than a dramatic performance meant to send a message. At least one reply to Naval called it “performance art as virtue signaling.”

I personally hate the term “virtue signaling.” Imagine pretending people only do what’s right to make themselves look good, and not because it’s the right thing to do. …

Because we all know you’ll never delete it.

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Image by Nate Miller

For years you’ve considered deleting your Facebook, but you still open the app every single day to see what’s going on.

Is it because you wanna keep in touch with friends and family? Or do you use it for business? Maybe you’re in art groups you just can’t live without?

All of us have at least one excuse to fool ourselves, but the only thing we really come back for are the memes. Yeah, I said it.

You might think “a little scroll won’t hurt!” but how often does that little scroll turn into a big scroll? The problem is no matter how long you scroll it’s never gonna be enough. Time flies and before you know it you’re in the middle of a political argument that ruins your whole day. …

How I determined that I’m not a piece of trash.

Man stares at his reflection in a mirror, which is a demon.
Man stares at his reflection in a mirror, which is a demon.
Image by Nate Miller

“You’re a dumb fucking bitch,” I replied.

Or did I? I don’t actually remember the exact words that were said but I remember the way I felt, which was abysmally awful.

A friend of a friend had posted some absolute nonsense on my friends Facebook status, so obviously I felt obligated to show her proof she was wrong. That was a mistake.

She totally rejected what was right in front of her eyes. Her statement wasn’t true at all, but she repeated it over and over again as if it were the ineffable word of God. It wasn’t even close.

That’s when I swore at her, my temper already short from seeing her “laugh react” at anything sensible anyone else had said. …

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