Andrea, this was superb. Lots to think about in regards to this topic.

Sometimes we think our goal should be to increase our follower counts as high as we can, not understanding the importance of building real relationships with our followers. I see this very often.

I used to think people did it on purpose, but now I believe it’s negligence.

We seem to be seeking a one-way fan-to-superstar relationship from our followers, because our culture values celebrity. We never bother to educate ourselves on other possible approaches.

Because we don’t know what we don’t know. (Cliche)

We often hear celebrities tell cautionary tales about how little connection they have in their relationships with fans. There are just so many people vying for the celebs attention and they can never know the fans true intentions.

Yet we quickly dismiss these stories because we think the celebrity and money should make it all worth it. It turns out you can be very famous and feel very alone.

Every individual needs to frame what success means and looks like for themselves. Don’t let pop culture dictate it.

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