But Erika, if I actually communicated with you then I wouldn’t get the chance to work up elaborate fantasies in my head about how I belong in a dumpster with the rest of the garbage. 😂

Reading your reply, and nodding along with the bit about mailing lists and organic growth…makes me just want to delete the whole damn mailing list. You’re right, the only good part is getting the occasional reply, but they are few and far between. Not to mention they’re also usually from people that already engage with me on social media!

One time I even built an email course and left it up for like one or two subscribers to go through…and then I realized that most people that sign up never even complete the damn things. Look at Christine Nishiyama (I’m technically in her sketchbook course that I’ll probably never finish at this point, which is maybe ironic or something, but don’t quote me on that because I don’t understand irony), she has some great stats in her articles about how few students ever complete online courses. It’s staggering.

Anyway, maybe I’ve been wrong about mailing lists. I’ve been told over and over again and been through course after course that says they’re essential… but I’m learning as I go that I just don’t like anything about them.

Maybe it’s a creative thing? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Artist and blogger. I help people bring more art into the world: natedoesart.com

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