Dear Brands: I Don’t Wanna Hear From You Unless You Have My Stimulus Money

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Photo by lalesh aldarwish from Pexels

Your efforts are completely tone-deaf

No, you’re not just tone-def, you’re Madonna in a fancy bathtub full of rose petals saying the coronavirus is “the great equalizer” tone-deaf.

We’re all in this together.

Adidas tried to pull a fast one and tell their employees they had to keep working or the company couldn’t pay bills and salaries. Guess what happened? They had to switch stances less than 24 hours after that. We. Are. Not. Playing!

We don’t have any money to give you

Look, fashion brands, quarantine is not a great time for us. We’re not excited to buy “hot new looks,” “get dolled up,” and “strut” down an imaginary runway just to trip over our kids’ toys. One of the main reasons is we can’t afford it.

Bitch better have my money

Look, I know it’s hard for you as a brand right now. Things have changed so fast, and it might not be clear what your best move is. However, your best move isn’t to push forward with the same old messaging like nothing has changed. The world is freaking upside down right now. Pretending it’s not is how you come across as tone-deaf and risk damaging your brand.

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