Hey Michael! 😊 Great piece and sort of a cool documentation of similar thought processes I have as I listen to audiobooks as I travel or whatever. Things click sometimes and we remember things we never should have forgotten in the first place.

Reminds me of the quote by what’s-his-face:

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing — that’s why we recommend it daily.

Sort of like how if you don’t stay in front of people on social media they might forget who you are or why they even followed you in the first place. 😂

There’s just something about us humans. We need that repetition. Gotta still it into us so we grasp the importance and it becomes second nature. Or we throw it away.

Thanks for sharing and giving me an excuse to ramble incoherently! 🙌

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Artist and blogger. I help people bring more art into the world: natedoesart.com

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