Hi Kris 👋

We can totally be friends! 🙌

I’ve been telling everyone that this weeks article will be “Just kidding, I hope you didn’t delete your Facebook account!”

It wouldn’t be hard to prove the notion that you should delete your Facebook account is wrong.

The reality is that Facebook has 2 billion monthly active users. Over half of those folks use it daily. (Lifted these stats from Gary Vee, thanks Gary lmao) In addition, Facebooks targeting is unparalleled. Best bang for your buck with ads.

My “delete” article was more of a clickbait/rant/frustration piece on the current mood I was picking up from Facebook users.

Within that, the point about email marketing is probably most important. Because in reality, my 2018 social strategy will involve almost all of the platforms, but I don’t own any of them. I’m only renting them.

So my goal is to get people that like me to jump on my mailing list. That way we can continue to have a relationship even if Facebook completely shuts down tomorrow.

The big opportunity on Facebook is currently Facebook Live. That’s where I’ll spend my effort more than likely.

Thanks for writing this piece!

Following you now. 😉

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Artist. Blogger. Family man. I help people bring more art into the world: natedoesart.com

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