How to Use the “My Favorite Things” Hack the Right Way

You can prevent sadness from consuming you with radical honesty

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When you should use this lifehack

You need to make a list of your favorite things

How many things should be on your list?

I’ve decided on a list of five things because five is a good, popular, and proven number. For example, every person on Earth has heard of the five-second rule. Whether you’re talking about Mel Robbins’ productivity hack or you’re talking about eating food off of the floor like it didn’t just pick up an assload of shit particles, people have heard of it.

What things should be on your list?

An example of a good ”My Favorite Things” list

My list might go something like this:

  1. Saying I told you so
  2. Whenever conservatives get fucking owned
  3. Taking a shit that does not need a wipe
  4. Billionaires guillotined all through the night

Putting your list into practice

  1. Pick 3 to 6 of your truly most favorite things
  2. Memorize your list so you can be ready in the moment
  3. When you feel like you’re spiraling downward, recite, or sing, the list of your most favorite things to yourself — you don’t have to tell anyone else what they are

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