I decided probably 5 or 6 years ago to never hide anything at work. I wanted to tell the truth always. Honesty is one of my biggest values. The rest of the management team I was on never wanted to say what we were all thinking. It got to the point where we were miserable, so I started saying what was on our minds. I didn’t care if I got fired for keeping it real.

It turned out to be fine. The owner was receptive to our sentiments.

But… it doesn’t always turn out fine. Lmao. 😂

I completely understand how you feel. Mental illness is an extremely personal battle that is almost always thankless. It’s barely understood by the mainstream and no accommodations are generally made for sufferers. That needs to change. I hope someone is working on bringing awareness. ;)

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Artist. Blogger. Family man. I help people bring more art into the world: natedoesart.com

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