I was gonna make a banal comment like "hey Turd Kuegler, what's poopin?" but then you went and ruined it by writing something that actually made me think. Thanks, Tom.

Setting the expectation is a smart move for your project. I'd imagine even afterwards folks might wanna stick around and be like 'give us moar!'

To be honest though, since I just rebooted my Patreon account, I kinda want people to stick around and support my content forever.

In theory as long as they feel like it's worthwhile they'll continue to support my efforts. Seems like a useful barometer in some ways.

The Patreon account or paid newsletter or whatever, I think of it as more of a secret club or a private community. When someone says I believe in you so much that I'm willing to give you $5 every month to fund your work, those are the people that really vibe with what you're doing.

Anyway, the ConvertKit thing is funny. I had a big delay in moving back to Patreon because it seems like EVERYONE is rolling out membership options. Squarespace just launched one and Gumroad announced theirs. Why is it that when I'm close to making a decision people want to add more options?!

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