I’m sorry Jessica. Loss is always hard, and to a point I think we will always regret something when someone we love passes. We will long for one more moment with them, analyze all of the time we had, and question why we didn’t spend more of it with that person. It’s impossible for us to know when people will leave us and for what reason, and that’s why we should be as present as we can in our lives.

In my story that posted today, I wrote about my father passing away 6 years ago. I felt many of the same feelings you felt for your dog. I wondered why I hadn’t spent more time with him, and said as much to my mother. She told me that I shouldn’t worry myself, because my father wanted me to get out there and live my life and not fret over him constantly. You see, he had been sick for over a decade when he passed.

So that’s what I want for everyone that loves me. If I pass away, don’t regret the time we could have spent together. Instead, you should appreciate the time we did spend together. And then, you need to get out there and be present in the lives of people (or dogs) you can still spend time with.

Sorry, I didn’t mean for my response to be a novel. :P

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