Oh, I hear you Erika!

I can be the same way, getting lost in my thoughts instead of focusing on the text I’m reading, but it happens MORE for me when I’m reading a physical book than when I’m listening to an audiobook.

Haha. It’s funny how we’re all different like that.

Um, yes, Amanda Palmer reads the book and she is A-MAZ-ING.

Sidenote: I actually prefer when the authors do the narration, otherwise I get disappointed when I hear the author speak somewhere else and it doesn’t sound like the person I listened to…haha.

ALSO, in the audiobook for Art of Asking, Amanda sings a few songs. It is indeed dope AF.

Unfortunately the foreword isn’t actually read by Brene Brown, who I love, but it is read by Ellen Archer, which is cool.

Art of Asking is one of those audiobooks that takes the book to a whole new level in my opinion. Other books I could go either way on.

Okay, that’s enough, my fanboy is showing.

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