Stop Waiting for Enough Time to Move Your Mountain and Do It Now

Your mountain is calling FFS

I used to think I could move mountains if I only had the time.

I would fantasize about having one long vacation away from work and family where I was isolated in deep space, I could focus all my efforts on my dreams, and it would be enough to change my circumstances and hand me the life I wanted on a gold-plated silver platter.

I thought maybe if I magically became financially independent through a gruesome workers comp claim, or in the worst-case scenario I reached retirement, then I could finally start doing the work I dreamed of doing and move my mountain.

In reality, I ended up being completely miserable because I was focusing all of my time and energy on a day job I could never find it in myself to care about, even if it came with unlimited breadsticks. Spoiler alert: it didn’t.

This 9 to 5 depression continued until the fateful day I lost my job and was thrust into a boner-inducing paradise of having all the free time in the world to frolic in. Do you know what I realized?

A week of extra time was never going to be enough. Neither was a month. Or six months. Or, as it turns out, three years. I found out moving my mountain all at once had always been a fool's errand. And it was a lie about the relationship I wanted to have with the mountain.

Everything I was telling myself about time was wrong.

Pretending I didn’t have enough time was an excuse I was making to avoid doing the work right up until I was standing face to face with the reality of moving my mountain. Getting unlimited time should’ve felt great but it turned out to feel more like a kick in the dick. At that point, I would’ve preferred the breadsticks.

The thing is, even with all the time imaginable you still have to do the work of moving the dirt, and there are plenty of other issues that can prevent you from doing it besides time. Time just happens to be the most convenient excuse.

In my case, there were other limits like energy, health, and responsibilities that still needed tending. I couldn’t just power through and move the whole mountain in a single effort. It was always going to be done in shifts and it was up to me to make sure the shifts were a reasonable length.

Ultimately I realized I had enough time every day to move at least a handful of the mountain. So why then had I waited so long to get my hands dirty and start doing the work I loved? I knew I wanted to move the mountain and I knew I wanted it to be a part of my life but I never made it a priority.

The other light bulb moment was when I figured out my relationship with the mountain. I wanted the act of moving the mountain to be a part of my life; I wasn’t as interested in the end result of having moved the mountain. I’m not sure I’ll even care if I ever successfully move the whole mountain. If I manage to, I’ll probably start all over again and move it right back to where it was, so I can happily keep moving my mountain until I’m no longer able.

Anyway, good game, life; thanks for the lesson. I was henceforth thoroughly enlightened and the only thing left to do was to make my dreams a priority and start moving my mountain. So that’s what I did. I learned to take action in the present and to bring the fulfilling work that makes me happy into my daily life. If I would’ve done it sooner, maybe I could’ve avoided being so miserable all the fucking time.

With all that said, if there’s a mountain you wanna move, don’t delay. Shove your hands right into the dirt and reconnect with whatever it is that brings joy to your life.

Alright, you got your jollies, now don’t make this complicated: give me your undying patronage.

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