Thank you for writing this Shannon. I’m sorry that this is something you have to live with. I’ve certainly brought up my own issues in my writing in the past but I also don’t really like to talk about it. I just don’t want to focus on it too much since it already eats up so much of my life in similar ways to what you describe here. So I hear you.

I’ve been trying to just accept that my illnesses put limits on me that “normal” people don’t face, and with you and me both being parents we already have enough on our plates honestly. It’s really a daily struggle and definitely a do the best you can with what you have sort of thing.

On top of that there’s a weird “hey this really fucks up my ability to live a normal life” but not quite enough to qualify for any sort of assistance, which just flat out sucks.

But yeah, we suffer in silence and soldier on like the got damn unsung heroes we are. Because what other choice do we have?

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