Thanks Erika. 😊

I think we’re both on the same page really. If I actually finish building a course that’s probably all I’d push through the email list, but most every course I’ve personally bought I bought it because I saw it in a blog post. So again, 🤷‍♂️

Anyway, I’m making some mental and social shifts. When I figure out how things land this time, I’ll let you know.

Tentatively I think it sounds like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page, Pinterest, and Medium. I guess I should figure out what I’m promoting with what… 😂

I’ll leave a mailing list signup form live and use it once in a blue moon probably. Jake Parker is one of my favorite illustrators to follow and he only sends emails like twice a year when he has something big. I didn’t understand that at first but that might be me now.

I guess there’s a reason I’m really identifying with the phrase/term “wayward creative.”

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