Thanks for the feedback Nick! 😃

I like your insights about people on the verge. To be honest, much of my decision making was based on how completely ‘over it’ I am with the absolute absurdity of business culture, overworking people, and shitty stagnated wages in the US right now.

When I was fired last year I took it as a complete rejection of not so much myself, but of the progressive business ideas that I represent.

The companies I worked for were small and medium sized, but they all said “hey, read these books by these smart people we want to be like (for example, Good to Great)” and then they’d react in disgust when presented with the idea of adopting any of the principles within the pages. Or even really making one decision based on them.

It’s like a very deep level of insanity.

I can be bothered with it anymore! Haha.

Following you, and hope to see you around on here! 🙌

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