Tom Kuegler I’m not sure why this old article popped up in my feed now, but it’s pretty hilarious considering what you’re currently doing.

I’d say I wonder what this know-it-all professional-sad-fuck Nicholas Barang is up to, but I really don’t care.

I’m glad you quit. I’m going to quit freelance as soon as I can too. It’s trading time for money and it’s only a stepping stone in my mind. You’re still working towards other people’s goals and dreams when you do it. It’s not ideal for me.

Honestly, you didn’t even mention that Upwork takes 20%(!) of your money before you even get to think about taxes. LOL.

I’m so happy you went in the direction you did and that I was able to learn from you. You’re helping me build my best life.

Thanks Tom! 🙌

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