You’re absolutely right, Mike, but I’d like you to consider this: fuck work. I don’t wanna be promoted I just wanna clock in, do my job, clock out, and get paid. What’s so wrong with that?

We’re being screwed to the fucking wall every week just so a few people at the top can reap all the benefits. The system is broken and every single person working for a company right now is complicit in keeping this death machine running.

If you’re miserable at work there’s a very high probability that it’s not even your fault. Your job sucks, they’re underpaying you, overworking you, and the assholes sitting next to you are co-signing whatever foul shit happens all in the name of profit. As long as it’s not them, right?

So yeah, if you wanna be a shit eating pawn in an un-winnable game you can go ahead and go to work smiling, but I’m keeping this scowl on my face until we break out the silverware and start eating the mother fucking rich.

Oh, sorry about that!

Apologies for my little outburst there, Mike, that’s just my morning rant.

I’ve gotta get one of those bad boys outta my system every AM before my smile bones will start working!

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Artist. Blogger. Family man. I help people bring more art into the world:

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