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If you wanna learn how to write faster, you gotta go to the folks with the need for speed who have done the deed.

That’s why I dropped in on Tom Kuegler to read his recent post, How Long Does It Take To Write 1,000 Words Online?

His answer? It depends. But he maintained that eventually, a pro could knock out 1000 words in about an hour. That’s apparently how long it takes him.

So the question is, how does Tom consistently accomplish such a colossal feat?

Well, I read between the lines to bring you the deets.

Write a good introduction

In order…

Your mountain is calling FFS

I used to think I could move mountains if I only had the time.

I would fantasize about having one long vacation away from work and family where I was isolated in deep space, I could focus all my efforts on my dreams, and it would be enough to change my circumstances and hand me the life I wanted on a gold-plated silver platter.

I thought maybe if I magically became financially independent through a gruesome workers comp claim, or in the worst-case scenario I reached retirement, then I could finally start doing the work I dreamed of doing and…

You might think you’re a special little snowflake living a completely original life, but you’re not. Your whole existence is boring and predictable and that won’t change even if you manage to wield the magical skills of an artist.

“The problems of today’s artist are the problems of yesterday’s artist — and I suspect, of tomorrow’s also. As the French say, ‘plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.’ (The more things change, the more they remain the same.)”

— Michelle Gaugy, Art Consultant, via Quora

A lot of the struggles you face in life are timeless. You could choose…

Rise and shine Gudetama

I. Wouldn’t you like to be more productive?

There are many people who would rather stay nice and cozy in their cartoon-themed blankets than get up and get to work. They share memes that celebrate giving in to the deadly sin of sloth. They squeeze their plushies tightly and lose the war against resistance before the day has even begun.

But you don’t have to be a silly Gudetama like them. You can rise to the call of productivity and get to work!

II. Wait, what’s a Gudetama?

Oh, right! Let me explain. Gudetama is a popular cartoon character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio.¹ It can basically be translated to English as…

There are only 2 steps.

Epictetus was a famous stoic philosopher, and I’m a mediocre artist. In this story, our powers combine to bring you artistic enlightenment. What follows is an examination of how a famous Epictetus quote can show us the way to become an artist. It’s pretty epic (if you hold the tetus).

I. Attain Knowledge of Self

“Know, first, who you are,…”

— Epictetus

Socrates once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Well, after spending a few hours examining life and what it means to know yourself…I’m not sure I even exist at this point.

And I’m not the only one who’s confused. There are…

Nobody else has either

The other night I was laying in our filthy bathtub which I barely fit in since it’s a standard size tub (are these made for children?). As I stared past the plunger at a mass of cobwebs behind the toilet I found myself thinking “when is it time to start cleaning the bathroom again?”

A few years ago I saw a video by Gary Vaynerchuk where he was talking to a fan who didn’t seem to have the time to work on his passion project. Gary questioned him to find out exactly what he was spending his time doing instead…

Open your mind to a world of possibility

Everybody can learn something new

I started out blogging by chance.

When you get fired and end up on unemployment you really start to think about things, like your resume, your life, and how alarmingly inconsequential you are in the grand scheme of things. Anyway, I got fired, and while I was contemplating the vast expanses of space and time, I saw a course on blogging by some chad named Tom Kuegler — so I took it on a whim. Why not? This young son of a bitch promised I could make money online and here I was in dire need of making some cashola.

When life gives you lemons make a holiday card

The best holiday card I’ve ever received was my best friend Zach’s 2016 Christmas card. He gave me his permission to write about it as long as I promised he doesn’t have to do anything. Also, he wants a cut of whatever I get if I win a prize. Typical Zach.

The other thing you need to know about Zach is that he’s not the biggest social butterfly. He prefers lowkey events and one on one action. In fact, when we worked together years ago he became so known for secretly rolling out of events early that his coworkers named…

Embrace the enormity of the moment

When you get “the call” you feel like you’ve been ripped from reality and thrown into an alternate universe. This can’t be happening, your father can’t be dying, not yet. You aren’t ready.

But there’s no time left. The clock has run out and no matter how fast you move you won’t get there soon enough to steal one last moment together. Your father is already gone.

Nine years ago I found myself in this exact position. I was plucked from my day job, saw my father’s lifeless body, and learned “the hospital will send you a condolence ham,” all…

And how to wrap them without killing the planet

Whether it’s a holiday, birthday, or any other day, it’s not easy to shop for the artist in your life, especially if they care about the environment. With so many different art products on the market, some toxic and some not, it's hard to make the right choice, even as an expert. Lucky for you, I’ve got it all sorted out.

To keep you sane, I’ve made a list of the best sustainable gifts for artists that are guaranteed to give them peace of mind and maximize their creativity.

1. Green Guide for Artists: Nontoxic Recipes, Green Art Ideas, & Resources for the Eco-Conscious Artist

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